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last updated on Mar 21st, 2022

 Hi. Welcome to my webpage! I hope you will find information and links that are useful and interesting to you for your work or life. Whether you are looking for something specific or just browsing, I hope you enjoy this site and come back again!        


New Article: Matsumoto, D. (2007). Culture, Context, and Behavior. Journal of Personality, 75(6), 1285-1320.

New article: Matsumoto, D., LeRoux, J.A., Robles, Y., Campos, G. (2007). The Intercultural Adjustment Potential Scale (ICAPS) predicts adjustment above and beyond personality and general intelligence. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 31.747-759.

New chapter: Matsumoto, D. Yoo, S.H., Chung, J. (2007). The Expression of Anger Across Cultures. In Potegal, M., Stemmler, G., and Spielberger, C. (eds.). Handbook of anger. New York: Springer.

New article:Matsumoto, D., Yoo, S.H., Fontaine, J., Anguas-Wong, A.M., Ariola, M., Ataca, B., Bond, M. H. et al  (in press). Mapping Expressive Differences around the World: The Relationship between Emotional Display Rules and Individualism v. Collectivism. Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology.

New article: Matsumoto, D., Anguas-Wong, A. M., Martinez, E. (in press). Priming Effects of Language on Emotion Judgments in Spanish-English Bilinguals. Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology.

Ekman Group News: TEG-TD's Wildest Expectations Exceeded!

 New article: Matsumoto, D. (2007). Playing catch with emotions. Journal of Intercultural Communication, 10. 39-49.

 Dr. Matsumoto panelist on radio program "All in the mind: Teaching your brain to be happy" (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Listen Online!

New article: Matsumoto, D. (2007). Emotion judgments do not differ as a function of perceived nationality. International Journal of Psychology, 42(3). 207-214.

New article accepted for publication: Fok, H. K., Hui, C. M., Bond, M. H., Matsumoto, D., Yoo, S.H.  Integrating Personality, Context, Relationship into the Model of Display Rules. Journal of Research in Personality

New Article Published: Matsumoto, D., Nezlek, J., and Koopmann, B. (2007). Evidence for Universality in Phenomenological Emotion Response System Coherence. Emotion, 7(1). 57-67

David Matsumoto appointed as next editor of The Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

Ekman Group News: Making Inroads in Law Enforcement, National Security, Legal and Business communities

New article published: Matsumoto, D. (2007). Comments on the future of Asian social psychology. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 10, 45-47.

New Article in press: Matsumoto, D. (in press). Individual and cultural differences in status differentiation: The Status Differentiation Scale. Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology.

New Article accepted for publication: Matsumoto, D., Konno, J., Hata, S., Takeuchi, M. (2007). Blue Judogis may bias competition outcomes. 武道学研究 (Research Journal of Budo) .

Matsumoto, D. (2006). 日本の社会・家庭内の不安 ;を解消するには:エモション ;のキャッチボールが必要だ (Emotional catch-ball is needed to relieve uncertainty in Japanese society and families). Creo. 32-41.(In Japanese)

Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory (CERL) page is updated

APA Monitor on Psychology: Emotional Expressions are spontaneous and universal, suggests Olympics study

Online forum for the latest issue of the Asian Journal of Social Psychology is up

Results from the National Geographic survey are out!

New Article Published: Yoo, S. H. Matsumoto, D., LeRoux, J. A. (2006) The influence of emotion recognition and emotion regulation on intercultural adjustment. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. 30. 345-363.

New Article: Matsumoto, D., & Yoo, S. H. (2006). Toward a new generation of cross-cultural research. Perspectives on Psychological Science.

O'Rourke Finishes Fifth at Birmingham World Cup

EBJI's Ann Shiraishi wins gold at Collegiate Nationals


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