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Matsumoto, D., & Juang, L. (2004).
Culture and psychology (3rd edition).

Editorial Reviews:

"Culture and psychology, Third Edition, continues to use a cross-cultural framework to evaluate psychology and to show students the importance of culture in explaining human behavior.  David Matsumoto and new co-author Linda Juang engage students' interest by inviting them to raise questions about traditional knowledge and theories, and by helping them find new ways of thinking about and understanding psychology and human behavior."


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Matsumoto, D. (2000). 
Culture and psychology
(2nd edition). 
Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks Cole Publishing Co. 
(Also translated into Japanese by Kitaouji Shobo.)

Editorial Reviews:

�[This book] illuminates cross-cultural psychology and exposes the weaknesses of our traditional approaches � incisive��

                        - Kenneth Keith, University of San Diego 

�This text will be the one by which all others are measured.�

                      - Ron Jacques, Ricks College 

�The author is a skilled and graceful writer. He is quite adept at explaining complex ideas in a relatively simple manner. He also receives high marks for the comprehensive nature of the book� touching virtually upon every major area of cross-cultural psychology.�

n                          - John E. Williams, Wake Forest University 

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